Ahoy Matey – The Perfect Pirate Party

Pirate Jake & Pirate Izzy helped celebrate a fun-filled pirate-themed birthday in Newport Beach recently. The party guests started their day decorating mini-pirate treasure chests & telescopes with shells & stick-on gems. Then Pirate Jake & Pirate Izzy led a series of great pirate games including Walk The Plank, Pirate Hook Relay Race, Captain’s Coming, Freezin’ Pirates & One-Leg Jake. Here are some instructions for those games:

Walk the Plank: Divide kids up into two groups & have two planks for them to cross. If the kids make it to the end of the plank, they have to try again with their hands behind their back and then again walking backwards. Watch out! There be sharks and crocs below!

Pirate Hook Relay Race: Divide kids up into two groups. Give the first child in each group a pirate hook. Tell them they have to swim across the sea (run across the lawn) to find the treasure chest. They must use their hook to retrieve the treasure (in bags with strings) and run back to their ship. As soon as they return, the next pirate on their team takes off. All pirates keep their treasure bags as their prize.

Captain’s Coming: a variation on Simon Says with “pirate” commands:

  • All Hands On Deck- Run in place
  • Change Oars -Swap places with the person next to you
  • Boom Coming Over – Lie down
  • Sharks – Freeze
  • Captain Coming – Stand to attention and salute
  • Man Overboard – Lie down and swim
  • Man the lifeboats – Sit down and row

Freezin’ Pirates: Pirates love to dance! Have kids dance arm in arm etc., but when the music stops they must freeze.

One Leg Jake – Have the kids stand on one leg with hands on hips. Then ask them to close their eyes. Last pirate standing is the winner.
In addition to the Pirate Jake & Pirate Izzy Parody Party, Party Princess Productions Orange County also offers a Jack Sparrow Parody Party and a Zarina the Pirate Fairy Parody Party.